Zahira is a cultured renaissance woman whose pure, powerful, and resonant voice has received rave reviews from fans and critics around the world. Her success as an internationally known vocalist, songwriter, and musician inspires people to be strong and positive, and she faces life every day with a special energy that lights up each stage she performs on. Zahira’s original music combines elements of Soul, Pop, Reggae, Hip-Hop and Electronica. She can be seen performing with her solo live-electronic project and with her band, or as a guest vocalist with Oregon Reggae Rootstronica group Indubious.
She completed her first limited-edition EP in 2011, released singles “Summertime” and “Easy Days” in 2013, and later released her full-length album, “Rise Up”. In 2016 she released her latest single “Ascension” which is a dance anthem for revolution. No stranger to the music industry, Zahira has also worked with a number of globally renowned artists including Luciano, KRS-One, Bibi McGill, Yami Bolo, Indubious and Red Fox. In addition, Zahira has played to crowds at a number of festivals in places including California, Oregon, Colorado, Florida, Canada, Israel, Bali and Thailand, radiating love and inspiration, as fans are taken on a truly uplifting musical journey.