Zahira creates a tapestry of sound that is uniquely captivating and soul shaking. Her stylistic signature is an original combination of soul, reggae, dub, jazz and world music. She delivers her songs with powerfully enchanting melodies that have great dynamic range and are expressed with all of her heart. Her lyrics are infused with positive and uplifting messages that kick-start you with super charged energy, or leave you in a state of peace. Whatever effect each song has on you, it is sure to be an experience of truth and realness driven by a sweet, fun and sexy sound. Her music celebrates the gift of life, unifies people globally and promotes peaceful world living for today and the future.

Some Recent artists she has collaborated with are Luciano, Red Fox, Yami Bolo, Carmen, Rocker-T & Jah Levi. She has also recently collaborated with producers and engineers such as Don One, Vince DiLorenzo & Solji Hamilton.



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Zahira: Rise Up