Singer, songwriter and producer Zahira, debuted live in the early 2000s with jazz influenced soul / reggae material and expanded into an experimental neo-soul, reggae, electronic fusion artist as of 2015. As a child she was born and raised in Canada modeling, dancing and singing in gospel choir. At 15, she knew it was her dream to pursue a professional career in music and joined her first band. In her teenage and adult years she studied jazz, pop and Indian Vocals. Additionally she has studied piano, West African drumming, dance, studio engineering and electronic production which has deeply influenced her as an artist. Aside from her native English, she has written and performs songs in Hebrew, Sanskrit, Arabic, Spanish, French, Michif and indigenous languages in an effort to share her message with the world. Internationally Zahira has toured in Israel, Mexico, Canada, Dominican Republic and Bali. Her main fanbase hails out of California, Florida and New York.

Zahira’s music is original and beyond specific genre combining elements of soul, pop, reggae, hip-hop and electronica. She can be seen performing on stage with her band or ‘Livetronic’  project. Being part indigenous (Metis / Algonquin) Zahira has strayed away the mainstream path of music and alternatively promotes healing and empowerment in response to human rights and environmental issues.

She has been been a featured guest with artists Luciano, KRS-One, Bibi McGill (Lead Guitar / Music Director @ Beyonce), Rocker-T, DJ Sol Rising, Yami Bolo, Red Fox, Jah Levi & The Higher Reasoning, Shimshai and more. Some producers and engineers she has worked with are Don One, Vince DiLorenzo, Solji Hamilton, Jaya Raise and Janaka.

On December 9, 2016 she released her latest single “Ascension” which is an anthem for revolution. Beyond genre, ‘Ascension’ is a fusion of soul, rock and EDM; driven by deep bass and passionate vocals produced by Jaya Raise (featuring Casey House and Eric Myers). In 2011 Zahira completed her first limited-edition EP “Resonate”. In 2013 she released two pop inspired reggae singles “Summertime” and “Easy Days” and was then followed by her full length album “Rise Up” in 2014. This album featured guest artists such as Red Fox, Yami Bolo, Resonant Sun and Rocker-T. Production credits include Vince DiLorenzo who has worked with Jill Scott, Usher and Patti Labelle. Along with Don One who has worked with Shaggy, Luciano and Maxi Priest. Additional production includes Michael Gayle, Sol Rising, Ronnie-Ray Padilla, Celso Alberti, Kevin Njikam and Rocker-T.


*  ZAHIRA-       Vocals / Electronics
* JAYA RAISE- Vocals / Machine / Launchpad / Logic*
* MIKE JI-         Electronic Drumkit*
* Special Featured Guests
*Members can be 1 – 3 people depending on venue or request.
*JARED MAY-          Bass
*JAHLONIOUS-       Electric Guitar
*ILEY LOU-              Drumkit / Handsonic
*JACOB AGINSKY-  Keys / Electronic Samples
*ZAHIRA-                 Vocals


Festival Appearances:

Purple Hatter’s Ball (Florida)

Newberry Music Event (Oregon)

Sonoma County Vegfest (California)

Day Out of Time Festival (California)

Healing Music Festival (Israel)

NORML (California)

Dreamtime Festival (Colorado)

Summer Of Love Festival (California)

Annual Hoot (Colorado)

Mystic Garden Party (Hawaii, Oregon)

Raw Spirit Festival (Arizona, California)

Common Vision (California)

Village Building Convergence (Oregon)

Mendocino Living Culture Festival (California)

Harmony Festival (California)

Coyote Spirit Festival (Oregon)

Earthdance (California)

Bliss Camp (California)

Lightening In A Bottle (California)

Rebirth (Hawaii)

Peace Village Festival (Oregon)

Village Building Convergence ( Oregon)

Inlakesh Festival (Oregon)

Conscious Culture Festival (Washington)

Rejuvenation Festival (California)

Raw Spirit Festival (Arizona)

Banks Schoolhouse Festival (Nova Scotia)


Vocals for Films / Commercials:

  • Little Men Studio (Connecticut)
  • The Redeemer (East Coast)
  • Ovusense (New York)
  • Zest (New York)


“Resonate” Limited Edition EP”—Released April, 2011

“Summertime” Single—————Released July, 2013

“Easy Days” Single——————Released August, 2013

“Rise Up” Album——————–Released March 2014

“Aisa Lagi Lagan”——————-Released April 2015

“Ascension”————————–Released December 2016