Zahira’s pure, powerful, and resonant voice has received rave reviews from fans and critics around the world. Throughout her career, she has gained success as an internationally known vocalist, songwriter, and musician.  She inspires people to be strong and positive and faces life every day with a special energy that lights up each stage she performs on. Zahira’s original sound combines elements of Soul, Reggae, Hip-Hop, and World Music.

Aside from her native language of English, she has written and performed songs in Hebrew, Sanskrit, Arabic, Spanish, French, Michif, and Anishinaabe, making an effort to share her message with people in diverse communities. Being part indigenous (Anishinaabe), Zahira utilizes her music to promote healing and empowerment in response to human and environmental rights. She is an active humanitarian and does whatever she can to bring peace to the world through her music, service and activism.

Zahira was born and raised in Canada, and at a young age embraced music and became a gospel choir soprano. She studied Jazz Vocals and Performance at Green Mountain College, and throughout her life has independently trained in North Indian Classical Vocals, Sound Healing, Performance, Dance, Music Production and West African Drumming. After years of musical and spiritual studies, this inspirational songstress debuted as a professional vocalist in the early 2000s. Her first solo EP came out in 2011 and has released two studio albums, many singles, and been a featured vocalist on numerous releases. Zahira’s most recent release was in 2021 on ‘You Got Me Going On’ a song collaboration with # 1 Billboard-charting Reggae producer & Grammy-nominated session musician/vocalist, Jubba White. Zahira has toured both in her native home of Canada, in the USA, as well as Israel, Bali, Thailand, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. She has shared the stage with  Luciano, KRS One, and lead guitarist for Beyonce, Bibi McGill, amongst many other inspirational artists.

Besides performing, Zahira has also written songs for various films & television commercials. In addition, she can be seen helping other artists with her skills as is also a vocal producer, vocal coach and studio engineer. This devotional vocalist’s voice ranges from alto to a high soprano and uses it as a dynamic instrument in a rich and powerful way. Her unconventional, eclectic style and positive lyrics make a unique and powerful impact on her listeners. 

“Better not run and hide from it, better take the time and just work on it.” -Zahira